TLP refuse to install

Hi, i try to install TLP but it refuse to install, something like serven not available
I want use tlp to manage my notebook hawei mate D Amd battery to reach 70% and than stop charging using command

That because Huawei WMI-driver even if present on kernel is not properly working (it stay at 70% only if i boot on windows and than reboot on manjaro but after a restar doesn’t work anymore)

How install TLP? Thanks


Please open terminal and run:
pamac install tlp
and provide the exact error you get, if any, because something something is not helpful for us to know what the issue is on your end.

I guess the mirrors are outdated.

Yes exactly what happens, my country server are down (Italy) solved using Austria+France+German. TLP and TLP gui (that helps me setting it) now are installed
Now I hope understand how use it and if it works to controll battery charge.
I will check if working