Tip: Fixing Manjaro Devs Error on Manjaro (Font Rendering better than Ubuntu):


Due to COMPLETE LACK of Manjaro KDE font rendering, I cannot recommend Manjaro to anyone.
I can though recommend MXLinux (Xfce) and SolydK (KDE) for newbies and intermediate users. They both have good font rendering out of the box, but not as good as Manjaro COULD have, but DOESN'T. For unknown reasons Manjaro coders have not coded any font rendering methods to Manjaro KDE. There is a fix though, and it makes absolutely HUUUGE DIFFERENCE. HUGE. Doing the things below make your fonts look amazing. Seeing is believing. You will not know the difference unless you make the fixes below by yourself. You will never go back and will always complain about font rendering when you fix them with the tutorial below:

Infinality Remix Font Rendering Patches can be done on Manjaro, but its beyond the scope of a newbie or an intermediate user. The patches consist of 3 packages:

  1. freetype2-infinality-remix
  2. fontconfig-infinality-remix
  3. cairo-infinality-remix

How to Fix Manjaro font rendering:

$ grep Xft---> must be:
Xft.antialias: 1
Xft.autohint: 0
Xft.dpi: 96
Xft.hinting: 1
Xft.hintstyle: hintslight
Xft.lcdfilter: lcddefault
Xft.rgba: rgb

If its not the case go to KDE font setting and set "Hinting style" to "Slight"

git clone the above packages and makepkg -sci for each one of them
Hint: import the GPG key if its missing

Remove ~/.Xresources to make changes global so xresources are not messing with the proper setup.

Go to settings.sh in /etc/x11/xinit/xinitrc.d/ and do the following setting:
*uncomment color filtering and set it to "40"
*uncomment gamma to use full spectrum
*uncomment known tweaks/settings for known fonts


I wish these complicated installations were done by Manjaro devs who use Manjaro KDE as their daily driver (its too difficult to them? I don't know), because those settings make HUUUGE DIFFERENCE. I mean HUGE. Without these patches Manjaro is useless.


I must admit, we don't often see tutorials in the middle of a negative rant.

While I appreciate that you took the time write this to help people, it would likely be better received if it was done in a more positive fashion.


I find it pertinent to add the page all this comes from.


There's a bit more information there as well as it lists some recommended fonts to use with it, some more instructions, etc.

@dalto I was thinking the exact same thing. It's like you copy/pasted my mind.

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What additional info would you like to add. Is something missing? If you know something please help users to fix it (I am not an expert).

I was wandering, if you knew about issue, why didn't you write a tutorial for the fix on the forum? Or requested a fix or coded yourself for Manjaro. Please feel free to do it.

Probably because freetype font has been related to some pretty severe breakages not only in the recent past but also over the entire time I have used Manjaro (since 2013). In recent memory it has caused issues at least twice in the last year. Due to the fact that very few people have an issue with the font rendering.to begin with it was likely decided that it was not worth the risk.

I am not sure what I said that led you to believe that I knew about this issue. In my mind this isn't a bug or a significant problem. It seems to me like it is more something you wish to be different to better align with your personal needs.

Of course, it is possible that others could benefit from this as well which is why I recommended via PM that you submit a feature request in addition to your rant/tutorial here.

I believe that should be

xrdb -query | grep Xft

See https://github.com/pdeljanov/infinality-remix/blob/master/README.md

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Possibly the list of their recommended fonts, but, really the link to the project for further reading for those interested in this is good enough.

The problem with fonts and things of this nature is that this can be considered more of a personal preference than anything. While I'm currently Manjaro-ing in a Live Session messing with ZFS stuff and am unable to try this out, I will say that the original infinality was nice back in 2017 back when I was on Antergos and that it did make everything seem better.

As far as fonts, Manjaro, and KDE is concerned, I've never considered their default settings to be bad since I've had to make the same "DPI 120", "hinting full", "fonts up 2-3 points" regardless of distribution. My "monitor" is a 49" 1080p TV, I sit 6' from it, and the Linux desktop isn't really designed around that setup...but my point is that with so many different screens, sizes, resolutions, etc, "sane defaults that suit everyone" aren't possible.

I must echo these remarks. Font rendering with the Infinality/Cairo fontsets used to be a must do with Manjaro in the near-distant past. And updates came along to break them every time.

Fortunately, setting usable fonts & changing their characteristics to yield a pleasing look is now much more effective.



Font rendering is entirely subjective and will differ from display to display anyhow. It's best to let the end user tweak this than have a flaky set of packages with generic profiles that do not suit all hardware and cause breakages every so often.

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Packages are not in the repo - but available from AUR - and it is thereby a user choice.

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Make your Manjaro ISO and call it ManjaroFont!

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Actually .. there have been similar tutorials on and off for years here .. one even resided in the wiki..
The thing is .. its actually not great advice. Its not required in 90% of situations .. and half the time those tutorials either dont produce great results, or otherwise negatively impact the system.
Even this:
Is probably not applicable to everyone.
I dont use any of the things mentioned in this thread and my fonts look fine.

Now .. onto your negative rant:

Is this how you talk to people ?
"Hi how are you?"

It makes for a funny comic panel .. but isnt very good communication.

Obviously you wrote out the steps .. so obviously no, it isnt 'too difficult'. Its just that not everyone needs it. I use KDE, and I wont be using these instructions.


what about some pictures with before and after I am not sure what the difference should be
and therefor don't even know why I should care or not.

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@1manjaro Thanks for your suggestions, but your negative attitude and bashing is quite counterproductive.


I realize now this is the character who cant ever update and they "just reinstall" every release.
Definitely the hero we need.
With a friendly and open demeanor to boot.


I recall fond memories of my experience with MX. They consist mainly of the distro freezing and having a kernel panic while using the live ISO. But I’ll be sure to tell new users it’s a godsend.

No, really. I understand that every distro works different for everybody, so I’m not going to post a passive aggressive rant due to my own negative experience. I accept the distro does not work for me, but might work for others and move on. I personally have never had a font rendering issue on Manjaro. Best of luck in your search for a new distro.

Its not the issue, we don't have the issue, it your perersonal issue, its your personal preferences, and basicly YOU DO NOT NEED THAT FIX. Thank you very much. You guys are not helping whatsoever. I understand you don't have that issue because you guys have never ever seen the proper font rendering. I thought that even an old Ubuntu had amazing fonts (Manjaro doesn't even have that) untill I tried to resolve the issues (cario, gnu savannah freetype- they come in pairs anyway, and rendering to 3 and COLOR FILETRING with strenght to 40 or 45). But you don't know what I am talking about, because you HAVE NEVER SEEN THE FONT RENDER PROPERLY. If you did you wouldn't jump on me like a bunch of lionesses on a pray. I DID NOTHING TO YOU TO DESERVE THIS.

Maybe you should drop the attitude and insults on this forum. Infinality font config is highly unstable and patent-encumbered. That is why no reputable Linux distro will ever ship it by default. The font rendering on Ubuntu is only slightly better than that on Manjaro anyway.

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