Tiny fonts on HiDPI laptop under Manjaro i3

I recently installed Manjaro i3 on my Lenovo X1 Carbon laptop. The installation went smoothly.

However, the screen fonts are tiny and barely readable. I’ve managed to get the i3 status bar bigger as well as the font in terminal.

I’m hoping there is a system wide setting I can set that scales everything larger? I would then tweak the settings on an app-by-app basis.



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from memory my laptop has Xft.dpi: 144 set in ~/.Xresources which corrects most programs I use for the 3200x1800 13" laptop I have. I think I messed with qt scaling somewhere but I can not remember where I did that as it was a while ago. The Arch Wiki link is a brilliant starting point.


I recently posted a thread for Endeavour OS i3wm, which is also an Arch based distro. Perhaps some of these settings will help you too! It took me a while to fix things on high dpi screen.