Timeshift timeshift 21.01.1-3 official community not working on RPI 4

I’ve installed Timeshift on my RPI 4 successfully but nothing happens when I try to open the program. Not even a single window, like nothing happens

Any output when launching it from terminal?

PS: Current version in all branches is 21.09.1-3, so it seems you have not updated. Please do that first.

never mind. it works in the terminal. I was expecting a graphical interface…

The menu entry should launch a window.

Did you try running timeshift-gtk or timeshift-launcher in the terminal?

I upgrade to the version 21.09.1-3 and type timeshift-gtk in terminal and it launches a GUI interface. thanks!
however, directly clicking on the timeshift launcher in the application launcher still launches nothing and ksysguard indicates a new timeshift launched process being spawned but it disappears immediately.