Timeshift taking a lot of time to make a snapshot

I don’t think you should do daily restore point this is obviously not needed as your system surely do not change daily. I still recommend that you decide when taking snapshots manually (before an update is usually when I would do it to alleviate your fear of rolling distro ‘breakage’), I don’t trust auto snapshots as they could happen at a bad time I guess (modifying the system, updating the system, rebooting…).

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I agree. I disabled the daily snapshots.

If Timeshift makes a snapshot during a system update, is the snapshot messed up or the update?

That’s a case I just guessed, I don’t really know how TimeShift is supposed to behave in this case.

Follow-up: after a lot of changes to the system I created another snapshot on the USB. Took around three hours.

Then decided to erase one of the earlier snapshots from Timeshift. It still hasn’t finished. Estimated time is two and a half hours.

When I used a different USB port, snapshot was created instantly, but it was nowhere to be found in the SSD. I have no idea where the snapshot went. When I plugged the Timeshift USB where I had first plugged it in, I could see the previous snapshots and create the new one, the one that took hours.

The snapshots should go where you configured them to go in TimeShift (and maybe with external USB stick the ‘place’ is not consistent and it fails to find the device?), I never used and external USB to save snapshots, as said before I do them on real drive that will stay always connected to the motherboard. Can’t recommend how to properly work with an external USB stick for TimeShift.

I would not use an external USB for that this seems obnoxious at best… the amount of time it takes for anything is ridiculous (should take a few minutes max on a real drive). Are you having an issue with disk space on your system? If you don’t have an issue with disk space I would recommend to use your system disk.

You’ll be OK unless the disk or file system fails (and you’ll have bigger issues then, where restoring the installed applications and their configuration will be the least of your problems).

Just made a snapshot in /home. Now, that’s what I’m talking about. Took about a minute.

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