Timeshift says it will reboot after restore, but the screen is black

I installed Manjaro and tried to set up and TEST Timeshift. I made the first snapshot on a USB. Then I started the restoring procedure.

At first it didn’t seem I started anything. But after a few minutes I got the black screen with the file list and some info. It said the system will reboot after the restore.

Then the text disappeared and now I’m looking at a black screen.

Is this usual? Should I wait until something happens? The power is on, but there’s nothing on the screen.

This might be your screen turning off after some time. Could you press a non-interactive key like Ctrl or Alt?

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IIRC, it didn’t work at first, but after a few hours it did.

And restoring to the second snapshot was way faster. First snapshot and first restore took quite a bit of time.

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