Timeshift restore window became too tall

Restore window became too tall, making it go beyond the bottom of the screen, unable to click buttons at the bottom of the window.

The minimum height is fixed at 1147 pixels, can go taller though.

And can’t you resize it from the top?

See edit…

I don’t see any issue on my side. Look into your KDE window settings/rules that you probably made, and if you can’t figure it out, open a thread for support.

Look into System Settings → Windows Management → Windows Rules

Maybe click on the Titlebar and move it to the desktop corners… to change the window size.

On XFCE, I would use a combination of the Window Manager shortcut keys to Move or Resize the window (pull the window down, resize, repeat as necessary).

They are alt-f7 or alt-left-click and alt-f8 or alt-right-clickand are displayed in the Settings Manager under Window Manager > Keyboard.

KDE’s shortcuts