Timeshift integration


Why is Timeshift not part of the live-system?
I think restoring snapshots is a common task for a live-system.

Is it possible to (optionally) integrate Timeshift in the package mangement tool stack?
Creating snapshots before installing system updates is a good life insurance.


Like Yast and Snapper do in (open)SUSE.


That sounds like a good idea!


And make it optional too of course


That sounds as if you don’t like the idea, but yes, optional would be the best.
I have also never liked a program like Timeshift, but as experiment I have started to use it on my laptop and I use it full time. I can always go back to a previous state, just did so this morning after I was trying out some new icon themes. I found out I lost several icons, the ones for typical KDE programs. Didn’t matter which one I chose, they were not there, so I restored yesterdays state of the system and now all is working well. Took maybe 2 minutes to do so, including the necessary reboot.


I actually like the idea, but there’s always gonna be someone who just doesn’t want to use that feature because of X problem.


For Manjaro Gnome it is and it is super helpful. Super easy to restore backups if you have a Manjaro Gnome live usb.


Good to know. The XFCE edition does not include it.


Exactly, please do not force anyone to use it, but offer it as an easy to use option


Manjaro 18: I recently took a look on the GNOME Edition it has timeshift bundled in the live-system, but it seems that the XFCE one is missing it.

Please bundled it to the live-system in all spins. This thing can be a live saver for common-users getting problems in his updates.

I really like how Linux Mint uses Timeshift in their system. Especially for rolling distros I consider it a good idea having this for people wanting to rescue their system easily.