TimeShift in Manjaro XFCE

When I first started using TimeShift to create a backup on a 32GB usb stick, I was able to store about 6 or 7 backups to the available space. As time has went by I had to delete several of the backups to make room for more new ones. It seems the newer current backups have started needing more available space than it used to. I can only have 2 or 3 backups at most on my 32GB usb stick now. The backups have become several GBs larger. Is there spsce being taken up on the usb stick that I am unaware of. What is the proper way to delete and clean up old backups. How can the newer versions of Manjaro XFCE be backed up more efficiently with timeshift. Your thoughts and input greatly appreciated.

TimeShift has no dependency of the DE used, and the size of the backup is simply influenced by the way you set the backup.

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