Timeshift GUI will not start, only from terminal



After the latest update Timeshift will not start in Plasma 5.
It is, however, possible to launch the application through Konsole:

sudo timeshift-gtk

It seems to work but the following errors are produced:

(timeshift-gtk:2376): GLib-GIO-CRITICAL **: 15:04:05.159: g_file_get_path: assertion 'G_IS_FILE (file)' failed
(timeshift-gtk:2376): CRITICAL **: 15:04:05.160: tee_jee_file_system_path_combine: assertion 'path1 != NULL' failed
(timeshift-gtk:2376): CRITICAL **: 15:04:05.160: tee_jee_file_system_dir_exists: assertion 'dir_path != NULL' faile

Timeshift doesn't open

See the solutiion posted by @philm in the Wiki below, on the last stable update.
Deleting the “DefaultPath” line worked for me . After this just logout - login again and Timeshift launcher should work.


I dont understand why timeshift will not start via the gui or via the Terminal command sudo timeshift, yet will start via the following command:
sudo timeshift-gtk

Surely they point to the same path, and Timeshift is in /usr/bin


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