Timeshift does not work after changing to unstable branch

I set up a new NVMe disk as root-medium.
Changing from stable to testing:
Timeshift did as expected. 3 times manual snapshots - success.
Changing to unstable on Sa., 23.04.2022 (german format!)…
Now timeshift makes a manual snapshot, takes the normal time , is stored normally,
but no ADDITIONAL entry in the list in the GUI. The 3 old snapshots are displayed,
the one after changing and updating to unstable repository IS NOT THERE!!!
Same thing when running Timeshift after fresh installation as soon as I have upgraded to unstable…
No one entry in snapshot list, even booting the live medium - Timeshift tells: no entries.
Solution welcome!

I have been struggling with that these past few days. I tested several things, no luck. I won’t list them, as it failed in the end.
I just had the idea to check Timeshift issues…

Here is a somewhat similar issue:

And precisely on this one, there is a solution I’m currently trying while writing this post:

temporary solution - downgrade rsync to version 3.2.3-4
pacman -U https://archive.archlinux.org/packages/r/rsync/rsync-3.2.3-4-x86_64.pkg.tar.zst

So I downgraded rsync and I’m waiting the end of my Timeshift backup to see if it’s finally working.

Boom, headshot!

There is indeed an incompatibility between Timeshift and latest version of rsync (Updated 18/04 in Arch).
In Manjaro repos, only Unstable branch is concerned (for now).

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I am going to test this, thank You in advance.
Positiv! Everything works with rsync 3.2.3-4
The reason for version rsync 3.2.4 was a SECURITY-fix of zlib 1.2.12

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It is indeed rsync giving problems with Timeshift, same thing happens on Debian Unstable. Downgrading rsync again solves the problem… Greetz, Eddy

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