Timeshift: destination and source are encrypted

I just want to make sure that timeshift will work as expected.

I have on ssd manjaro kde encypted with luks at installation time
i have a hdd encrypted with luks with kde partition manager, i use this drive as destination for timeshift

question 1: can i still use timeshift from manjaro and grub as usual ?
question 2: if manjaro installation gets corrupted, can i restore timeshift from live usb ?

Why are you asking? Try it. (and report back)

You should always test if you can restore backups anyway.

As long as the destination filesystem is available, Timeshift doesn’t care. This is true for creating snapshots and restoring from a snapshot.

I have my Timeshift snapshots saved to an encrypted (LUKS) external HDD, and I have more than once successfully restored from a previous snapshot.

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