Time zone not being accurately applied when set

I have my timezone is set for US Eastern, but Manjaro Cinnamon shows a completely different time in the taskbar. It affects web pages I use to order food because it thinks I am in another timezone. Included is a photo of my problem. Has anyone else encountered this?

Dual booting with Windows? This should help

In cinnamon use “System Settings” “Manjaro Settings Manager” “Time and Date”.
This overrides cinnamon’s “Date and Time Settings”

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Thank you for the reply, but I’m not dual booting with windows. I wiped the drive and installed Manjaro Cinnamon.

Thank you so much. That fixed my issue. :star_struck:

Hi, i was searching for a post like this one, but, it shall work for manjaro xfce too? (as my example).
I have a dual boot with windows 10, and it changes the clock everytime i change the sistem, but not only this, manjaro dont set my timezone where it shall be without only using manjaro as invidual system, i say this because actually i have a dual boot, but for months i had manjaro in a completely different ssd from the windows one (and changed bettwen SO using the bios).

For dual boot time issue, you need to set Manjaro or Windows (one or the other) to use the same way of storing time in motherboard than the other system.

Manjaro uses UTC time, Windows uses local time. If you search about this topic you will find plenty of answers on how to do that on Windows or Manjaro.

Thanks, i ll try it, didnt know about it.