tilde (^ on my german keyboard) spawns a prompt

/edit: Just installed a fresh Cinnamon VM from the 18.04 iso, and can at least tell the
app in question is part of the base install. Any ideas?

This rigs currently on Cinnamon/5.1, but thats pretty much persisted since ive installed
this machine quite a while ago.
...and i cant even figure out what it does, other than jumping to desktop icons according
to what you type into that prompt.
(Im pretty sure i feel even more like a moron when someone told me. :stuck_out_tongue: )

Ive tried killing tasks left right and center, crawled the internet for a couple hours, with
no success whatsoever.
That forsaken prompt persists no matter what i do and theres not a hint to be found at
what applications mapping that key, or what it even actualy does to begin with.
(seems like all it really does is allow you to navigate your desktop icons using a prompt...)

Would someone be so kind and shed some light on this please? Its driving me nuts...
All my other machines have tilde mapped to guake, as so many uf us do.
This is really annoying the poop out of me. Darn you muscle memory!

Have you checked your keyboard shortcuts under Keyboard Settings in the Control Panel?

Yup, crawled through the whole thing.
Ive allso checked for .xmodmap files(of which i couldnt find any) containing any such shortcut.


After figuring out that whatever it is that causes this weired prompt is part of the Cinnamon base
install, i figured this thread might be better off in this subforum.
(Sorry, no idea how i actually move a topic. A mod taking the liberty would be awsome.)

Please don't make duplicate topics for the same issue.

Was trying to delete this one, but the forum says i lack permissions to do so...
Ill take it as a "threads cannot be moved", thanks anyhow and sorry for the inconvenience.

I moved your thread to #technical-issues-and-assistance. If you want it moved to #support-for-community-editions that can be done but I don't think it will get more attention there.

For future reference if you need a thread moved you can flag it.

/edit: thanks mate. :thumbsup:

Ok sweet, didnt knew thats what the "flag" option was for. Thanks for the hint. :wink:
Allso, it wasnt really about more attention, but all about the who...
I reckon alot of people who use that DE as well, and especially those who maintain it,
might be very much aware of how to get rid of that thing.

Dont know if my logic is flawed in that regard, but as it is id indeed very much appreciate
if you would be so kind and move it accordingly.
The flag thingy really only notifies a mod if im not mistaken? So i hope not flagging it, now
that your allready dealing with it, is the preferred behavior.
If not please let me now for future requests. Merci.

After toying around with several distros, i can safely say that the issue guake related,
and not a manjaro issue at all.
Seems like guake is having trouble with certain keys, and a bunch of other distros are
affected as well, while its fine on others.
I initially thought that this popup thingy would simply allready hog the dead grave key,
or whatever its called, but that wasnt the case at all...

/edit: Found the problem. While Manjaro Cinnamon has ibus installed by default, it turns
out that its not started out of the box.
(I sayd i'd feel even dumber once i know whats going on... :p)

Throw an entry for the daemon into your autostart, add:

export GTK_IM_MODULE=ibus
export XMODIFIERS=@im=ibus
export QT_IM_MODULE=ibus

...to your .bashrc and your good to go.

There is ibus-preferences in extra repo.
The export lines above don't work for me.
I had to add ibus-daemon to the autostart folder.

Thats what i sayd. :stuck_out_tongue: ...alltho i didnt know theres a repo to sort all of that out.
Even better, thanks man. :wink: