Tigervnc especially for arm

It seems that setting up tigervnc is quit hard for a lot of users to setup, and also I agree with CGA that it would be very helpful for arm manjaro users.

Therefore I would like to request that it be preinstalled on all manjaro flavors.
I have already suggested this on How to setup tigervnc server but I’m putting it here since this is the proper place to put it. :sweat_smile:

A server setup should be a headless server, so I don’t agree with that use case.

If you need a remote desktop, TigerVNC is in the repo. But to preinstall it on all editions does not make any sense, since only a small number of people would be using it, as it is a very specific use case.


I understand that only a small number of people uses it. And I believe that’s mainly due to people not knowing what it is or that it even exist. And if it were given more publicity I believe it would be used more widely.
But I guess for the time being it may be insignificant to put on all editions, but putting it on more office work related editions could be helpful. :smiley:
I don’t know what a server setup is but I think it would be nice for the raspberry edition too.

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