Thunderbolt port not working

My thunderbolt port does not work at all (it does not even charge a device let alone recognising my external SSD). I couldn’t find much fixes online for this and the ones I did try did not help. I read the guide on ArchWiki for thunderbolt but it wasn’t helpful. Moreover, I can’t see an entry under /sys/bus for thunderbolt. I have bolt and tbt both installed at the moment. Thank you in advance!

You don’t need both, I use bolt but tbt works just as fine.

However, if it doesn’t even charge, I fear there’s something wrong with the hardware: the port itself, the cable, or the device you’re connecting to.

You could check your UEFI if there are any options regarding Thunderbolt connections.

Thanks for the fast response! Perhaps I can try to load up ubuntu on my flash drive and see if that works (I was running ubuntu before this and the port worked with that). Could there be some other way to verify if my port works? Could you please let me know more about how exactly I can check my UEFI?

I checked my UEFI, there was a diagnostic tool to check for general USB ports but USB-C checking was not supported.