Thunderbolt Monitor(s) camera's (and sound) aren't working

I have 2 thunderbolt 27" monitors and I’m running an early 2013 Macbook Pro Retina 15", 2.7GZ, 1TB SSD. The sound is staccato when listening through those monitors, while the sound is fine coming from my laptop. The camera’s are recognized and the green light goes on when I choose one say in Cheese or Skype but they don’t display any picture, while the camera on my laptop works fine. I have all the open source video drivers installed. I tried installing the nvidia drivers once before but then I couldn’t log back into manjaro, I just got a blank screen at bootup so I reinstalled the os. I’ve run [sudo dmesg | grep -i camera] and I see all 3 of my facetime camera’s being recognized by the system.
Interestingly, while I didn’t try the monitors when running on the USB stick, I did have the same audio problem on the USB stick where the sound is staccato on the external monitors but it works fine on the laptop even in clamshell mode.

I reinstalled the OS and both are working fine.

I’ve had to reinstall the OS multiple times and I noticed that it’s a 50% chance that the thunderbolt sound and thunderbolt video cameras will work. It is seemingly random. And whenever I and reinstall that’s the first thing I have to test before I try to reinstall again.