Thunderbolt 3 mgmt. command in manjaro ? like (boltctl) in ubuntu

Which command can I use in manjaro? like boltctl in ubuntu.

or I just try install suitable version boltctl in manjaro.


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I’m not familiar with this software, but there are several thunderbolt-related packages in the AUR. I think you probably need thunderbolt-software-user-space. Maybe also bolt-git and thunderboltd-git.


I use bolt which, I think, packages boltct. I use it both on my desktop and laptop. Lenovo laptop has thunderbolt 3 hardware built in and on my desktop I use a Gigabyte card with a Titian Ridge chip (never could get the Gigabyte Alpine Ridge card to work).

Zero support for thunderbolt 3 on the motherboard (MSI x470), but Linux finds the card, configures it, and no issues yet. Far superior to configuring thunderbolt on Win10 when your motherboard doesn’t support thunderbolt 3.

I connect everything through a CalDigit, so cannot attest to other devices connecting.

[reobo@chatoway ~]$  sudo pamac  list | grep bolt
bolt                          0.9.1-1            community    419.8 kB
plasma-thunderbolt            5.20.4-1            extra       430.6 kB

[reobo@chatoway ~]$ boltctl
 β—‹ CalDigit, Inc. TS3 Plus
   β”œβ”€ type:          peripheral
   β”œβ”€ name:          TS3 Plus
   β”œβ”€ vendor:        CalDigit, Inc.
   β”œβ”€ uuid:          00336228-d14d-3d00-ffff-ffffffffffff
   β”œβ”€ generation:    Thunderbolt 3
   β”œβ”€ status:        disconnected
   β”œβ”€ authorized:    Tue 01 Dec 2020 01:27:33 AM UTC
   β”œβ”€ connected:     Tue 01 Dec 2020 01:27:33 AM UTC
   └─ stored:        Mon 30 Nov 2020 11:11:54 PM UTC
      β”œβ”€ policy:     auto
      └─ key:        no

Thanks for your reply, finally I can use it. I used pacman command searching a lot but find nothing, I use wrong command options.

Manjaro use the same software as Ubuntu which means boltctl.

But KDE Plasma have additional GUI interface to help user show there Thunderbolt devices. The software named plasma-thunderbolt

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Thanks your tips, my dev is working now.

Both Alpine Ridge and Titian Ridge I have owned. All of them I can use in Windows and Linux.

If you use Alpine Ridge in Windows you need the latest driver they can worked stable.sometime you need upgrade firmware too. If you do not connected any device in windows the Device Manager will show nothing about thunderbolt info. I think that is design bug for Intel in the early stage. In Titian Ridge they change the power supply strategy.

On AMD platform the Titian Ridge can work in Win10 but the firmware should be version 23.

My desktop is Alpine Ridge but different to you. I am not the Add-on card, that Alpine Ridge in my motherboard IO panel.

Intel need thunderbolt controller put on PCH x4 channel then it can work.

Current my thunderbolt device is a NVMe driver Samsung 970 Pro.