Thunderbird update

Can we get Thunderbird updated to be same version as the X86_64 repository?

Compiling Thunderbird or Firefox takes several hours. We are currently looking into cloud solutions to make that happen. For now we use the packages provided by Arch. Also Thunderbird is not so focused on ARM.

That's cool. I was only asking as I'm using my raspberry pi 4b as my desktop computer atm. My son has been hogging our main computer for school work, due to being home because of the corona virus. All the schools here are now offering either internet based assignments, or for the paper based plus text book printouts to be picked up and dropped off, for their core class. That and I'm going to be purchasing the pinebook pro here in the next few days.

We don't compile thunderbird ourselves, we get it from Arch Linux ARM via normal channels.

Philip already said that, but thanks. :wink:

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Well, I just downloaded Thunderbird 68.6.0-1 myself from Archlinux|arm.
Sorry, but I just couldn't wait for the repositories to sync.

PS. I did the same for Firefox 74.0-2

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Sure. But they are in Unstable and Testing though. :slight_smile:

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