Thunderbird: extensions not adding to manjaro thunderbird 102.6.1

I choose extensions (one I want is ImportExportTools NG) for thunderbird, but once I get to the warning about unrestricted access, thunderbird hangs. Press anything. Have to close TB. Happens also with other extensions like ‘quickedit’ or PrintTools NG. Have re-installed and get the same problem.

Have you going into the /home/username/.thundderbird/random/extensions folder and deleted the old extensions? The random folder is different for each install.

I did just that (thanks), and no difference - stops at the unrestricted warning.

Well, I don’t know. I have a second ‘PC’ which I installed thunderbird fresh onto, and it likes the ImportExport NG just fine so I am re-organizing mail there, hoping to transfer back to main PC. No idea except - my email goes back to uucp days so is very complicated! Onward …