Thunderbird does not start because of missing

Updating libvpx to (as part of the update of ffmpeg) breaks Thunderbird 60.5.2, which expects A symlink

ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/

fixes the problem.


Had the same issue.
Uninstalled, reinstalled…but there’s no .thunderbird folder in /home anymore?

Ok, after applying the symlink and another reinstall thunderbird working again. Thanks!

The updated libvpx is only on the unstable branch yet your profile says you’re on stable.

This should only affect the unstable branch.

The correct fix is to rebuild Thunderbird (which I’m currently doing).


Thunderbird dos not work.
Waiting or?

sgs@mx Linux 4.20.13-1-MANJARO x86_64 18.0.3 Illyria
~ >>> thunderbird                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
XPCOMGlueLoad error for file /usr/lib/thunderbird/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
Couldn't load XPCOM.

[2019-03-06 08:41] [ALPM] upgraded libvpx (1.7.0-1 -> 1.8.0-1)

Firefox and Thunderbird will need a rebuild against the new libvpx version.

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You can find the solution here Thunderbird does not start because of missing

That’s not a solution.

symlinking libraries is never a solution.

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Sorry was not aware of that, however it did the trick for me to start Thunderbird.

Did the trick to me too.
Thank U !

Will we have to revert later on ? How ?

While the trick works it might create problems later when the updated version hits your computer.

Pacman file conflict

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~ >>> sudo pacman -S libvpx                                                  [1]
warning: libvpx-1.8.0-1 is up to date -- reinstalling
resolving dependencies...
~ >>> pacman -Fo /usr/lib/libvpx*                                               
usr/lib/ is owned by extra/libvpx 1.7.0-1
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New Thunderbird build is in unstable.

It follows the Arch PKGBUILD in using the bundled libvpx as it won’t build with the system’s 1.8.0.


I removed the symlink and updated : Thunderbird is OK :slight_smile:

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