Thunderbird (78.5.1) doesn't sync anymore , cannot downgrade

I’ve recently upgraded Thunderbird on my workstation and my work email doesn’t sync anymore.

It cannot even connect to the server if I try to add a new account with the right IMAP port and everything.

The imap server is working as other client can connect and sync.

I had to downgrade, it sync correctly. Because this version introduce major changes in the profiles I lost it all. Major suck.

Now that was last week, I had forgotten about it when I launched an upgrade on my laptop the other day. Same problem again. All my accounts sync but this one. It cannot be on the server side as my workstation get email correctly. I tried to play it smart and install Tb bleeding edge - same results. Clear regression.

Am I the only one experiencing this? Is it the right place to report?

I have no problems at all on three computers with Thunderbird 78.5.1.
On two computers seven Email accounts and on one computer one Email account.

Does Thunderbird print any error ?

It maybe related to this

Your provider might need to update their pop settings

it’s an imap server.

I know just thought it maybe related as in they might need to upgrade at their end

No specific message, unless there is a debug log somewhere?

There is a connection error if I try to send anything. And when I try to add the same account as a new one it fail to configure.

My 5 other account works fine, I assume it’s a mismatch between the server and thunderbird.

@sawdoctor, sorry I didn’t read the link, it’s probably related.

that’s the right fix.

Thanks you so much.

It was driving me mad !

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Great thread indeed !

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