Thunderbird 60 no tray icon to denote new mail


Thank you for this post, @jonathon.
For me alltray does’t work correctly.
When i choose Thunderbird to show in Systray, the icon appers. That works. But TB icon is still in the window list. And when i close the Tb window it quits (i should stay in tray). There is also no option to start mimimized. There also seems to be no notification icon for new mails.


alltray hasn’t been updated since ~2012 so might not work properly anyway. Apparently noone has used the system tray for the past six years or so… :roll_eyes:

Click on the system tray icon to hide the window.

That’s correct, it’s not a Thunderbird-specific application so won’t provide application-specific functionality.

It’s a hacky option, not a full solution, but it might be better than nothing.


I also tried this method, but no one of my extensions work. Also, Lightning is not localized in my system’s language, again, after months and months this bug persist. What a shame!
I tried claws-mail, but I really prefers Thunderbird.
I ended up to downgrade Thunderbird to version 52.9.
I hope that a legacy version will be mantained
Or, also better, I hope that Moonchild will resume Fossa Mail’s developement (even if the Moonchild’s personal alphas are unofficially released.)


The same can be done using ksystraycmd5 --hidden thunderbird.
Or even combined with kstart5 like this:
kstart5 --skiptaskbar --window “(.)Thunderbird(.)” ksystraycmd5 --window “(.)Thunderbird(.)” --hidden thunderbird


I am testing use of kdocker… so far it seems to place the app in the tray nicely. Notifications remain a problem although I though I notice a transient notification float by (but then what do I know). :wink:


Thunderbird is frustrating its volunteer add-on developers (and my subjective impression is that this is hitting Thunderbird more than Firefox), I have no hope of FireTray being revived.


Like many I once used evolution… has anyone tried doing a Thunderbird to Evolution conversion. If so, what pointers/ observations can you share? My issue is that I have some 6 GB of emails and folders… stupid, I know.

(Perhaps the moderator would prefer this in a new thread. If so, feel free to move it.)


well i have had a new look at Kontact today and i am pleasantly surprised. All the little problems that it had a year or so ago have either been fixed or its just that i was on Neon then and this is a compleat new installation of Manjaro KDE. Either way if i keep my fingers crossed i hope i shall be sticking with Kmail as i have not yet been able to fault it. :exploding_head:


Not exactly, Firefox will soon be changing the way customization’s work in version 62.x as well. Firefox will no longer allow the use the distribution folder, distribution.ini, default.prefs, etc. to be used for customization’s, autoconfig will also be sandboxed making use of cck2, and other similar tools and methods, no longer work as well. With Firefox 62.0 use of the enterprise policy mechanism will be the way forward for customizing Firefox.
For mor information on this:

Firetray requires access to external api’s, abi’s, libraries, and/or executable’s, on the system that the plugin system no longer allows access to since the release of Quantum. Similar policies may now be being applied by upstream to thunderbird, but since I don’t follow thunderbird as closely as I do Firefox, I would need to do more research.


Hello all…
I can report that Thunderbird 60.3 running with kdocker and with Thunderbird Notifications set… does all the app to appear in the Tray and Notifications (along with sound, if set) works on non-Spam messages. There are zero/no notifications for spam tagged mail (on my machine…) If there were notifications would never stop. :wink:


Does kdocker also allow applications to be run minimized at start up?
If so, then this would be a great addition to something I’ve been working on.


@AJSlye I have not tested that… I’ll try it a bit later today.


At this moment I also installed kdocker as a workaround.
I can’t get it to work on startup, so I would like to know if that’s possible.

It’s a bit frustrating though, every time Thunderbird updates something, half of my addons are broken.
With Windows you can just still run an old version, on Manjaro that’s a little bit tricky unfortunately.

edit; in the older versions you cold also just simple edit the config files and change the thunderbird compatibility.
That also doesn’t seem to work anymore


I think you can just use autostart:


I installed kdocker and tried to get a minimized TB window on system start. I found this and made a starter file with the content from post #5.

All i got is a starting thunderbird at system startup and an icon in tray. No minimized window and no notification on new mails.


The -l option tells kdocker to “Iconify when focus lost”, that means every time the thunderbird window looses focus it will iconofy, I don’t think that is what you intended.

Try this:

Exec=kdocker -t -r -y thunderbird

-t remove from tray
-r remove from pager

If that doesn’t work remove the -y option, it’s an old undocumented option trick that may have been removed.


Thank you.
It works as you described. But it’s not starting minimized and there are no notifications.
I think we will have to wait for an new addon who minimizes TB to tray.


Weird, I do have the normal notifications from Thunderbird


Yes ok. Let me clearify it. A popup appears with a message “New Mail”. But i miss an icon in tray with an envelope or something similar.


I also failed with kdocker plus it seems to have some strange side effect with privs which I found annoying.

I have built evolution 3.28 using flatpak and am now looking at attempting a conversion. I’ll report my findings in a new thread on the forum, when I’m ‘done’. Thus far evolution does link to all my Google data and it seems to have nice tray and notification functions (both appear to work).