Thunar unmount notifications

Hi folks,

the background of thunar’s umount notifictions should be better red-ish an green-ish for better visual reception. Just to avoid removing an external drive before the divce is really ready for it.

Thanks for your work

I am pretty sure that is something that is in the source of Thunar (how to use the system notification api), so you can make the suggestion there. Also, currently there is a little bug and these notifications do not disappear automatically, so if they are red that will make them a big irritation. And last but not least…a sensible user should not watch the notification, because they are buggy in rear occasions, instead the reliable way is to watch when the mounted volume disappear in thunar.
Those are my 2 cents :slight_smile:

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Perhaps it is possible to custom color the notifications - I don’t know.
There are 5 pre-made variations to choose from, in varying levels of ugliness:
Bright, default, Smoke, ZOMG-PONIES, and Retro
Settings → Notifications → General tab → Appearance: Themes

there is some red in most - but no green, not even in the ponies variant :grimacing:

The notifications pop up and then disappear after a configurable timeout.
The disappearance does not mean that the task is finished.

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OMG PONIES RULEZZZ :rofl: Didn’t see it before.

But this is a setting for all notifications and he wants different notification for a particular program, so the program has to pass the notification parameters that are different from the default to the system.
Something like

notify-send -u normal "Thunar says:" "<span color='#ff2295' font='28px'><i><b>The invasion of the pink ponies</b></i></span>"

if you have libnotify installed.

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