Thunar smb share is disappearing/appearing

Hi folks,
I mounted an smb share via systemd mount units.
Mounts are working but that 2nd Qnap folder is every 20-40s disappearing for 1-2 seconds.

it looks odd to me, that there is a folder and even more that it does this disappear/appearing thing all the time.



home-desktop-Qnap.mount file in /etc/systemd/system:

Description=FreeNas Mount
Type=cifs    Options=_netdev,iocharset=utf8,rw,file_mode=0777,dir_mode=0777,credentials=/home/desktop/.smbpasswd

and the automount file:

Description=Automount freenas home-desktop-Qnap.mount



is any information missing?

Hello @gdh :wink:

Have look here:


Configures an idle timeout. Once the mount has been idle for the specified time, systemd will attempt to unmount. Takes a unit-less value in seconds, or a time span value such as ā€œ5min 20sā€. Pass 0 to disable the timeout logic. The timeout is disabled by default.

Idle means: If nothing is working on that connection, it will unmount it and therefore it disappeared. :wink:

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jep, switching to TimeoutIdleSec=0 in automount file seems to did the trick!

Thanks a lot.

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