Thunar dual pane?


As far as I know Thunar does have tabs. You can open a folder in a new tab by right-clicking on it and clicking ‘open in new tab’.


Thanks for the input, I have always used Pcmanfm, I will check out spacefm though. It’s so much easier to transfer folders and files between partitions when you have dual pane.


Thanks Heart-of-A-Lion you are correct but is not the same as seeing both partitions open.


You could open two instances of Thunar and place them each on one side/half of the screen.


that’s what I do


If you really want to use Thunar dual pane/split wiev, you can try AUR packages thunar-split or thunar-extended. Just keep in mind that AUR is not supported by Manjaro team, so be wise and read PKGBUILD carefully.


spacefm has the best interface

10 more votes to spaceFM!!
It is in the spirit of Arch. Lots of power, you design it how you like from “scratch” and forget all the rest!!


Thanks all for your input, it’s always appreciated. Iwas using thunar with dual instances but that gets old after you are used to something else. I’m prety new to xfce, so just trying to get up to speed most of my Linux life has been with lxde. I have installed pcmanfm for now and I also took a look at spacefm. That looks prety cool, i’ll have to play with it a bit.
Thanks all


ctrl-t should allow an unlimited number of tabs to open within Thunar. Is this the sort of functionality you’re looking for?


No, tabs and panes are different. Dual panes are like having two separate instances open in the same page.


Let’s ‘solve’ this thread and end it. You have tabs, you have panes, let’s go have some beer now.


thunar supports tabs. Mouse right-click on any folder and open in a new tab.


Lol, I’m in


I hope the devs of Thunar implement the dual-pane asap.

Have any of you checked out Sunflower?


Thunar is part of the XFCE desktop, so it might get dual panel feature when they update it all the GTK3 anyway, so a couple of years out, with the speed it’s going so far. :stuck_out_tongue:


I use PCManFM. It has dual-pane. I like its “Applications” view.


Haha Thunar 2030! Here we go!


I was able to successfully drag and drop a pdf file from documents in thunar to my external drive in another tab in thunar. Is that the function you want to use?

But spacefm is a good file manager, im going to take the time to configure this.


I can’t understand the appeal of dual pane view. I use mostly spacefm, and I only ever use 1 out of 4 available panes. Might have something to do with using a tiling window manager though…

Now miller columns on the other hand… I hope we had more filemanagers with those. The only examples I know of are ranger and pantheon-files. I wish there was a gui version of ranger…


I remember dolphin had it once, but 5 years ago they dropped columns view.