Thunar Crashing Bug Back?

I was just curious whether thunar is crashing for anyone else. My system is up-to-date and I applied the stable updates that we releases a couple of days ago through the main repo. Everything, including thunar, is updated to the latest stable version.

I don’t know if it was something in the update or possibly because I have been extracting lots of rar files using the context menu (extract here) using the default archive tool that thunar calls on.

My gut feeling is that it is the same “renaming bug” that plagued thunar for month after month until it was patched. If anyone else is finding thunar 4.16.11 somewhat unstable then please let me know so I know it isn’t just my system.

I can file a new issue on thunar git but the developer (if it is still the same one) usually just ignores them or closes them. I think the thunar code base is a mess and combined with GTK3 and GTK4 bugs, thunar isn’t the sleek file manager it once was.

Thunar sometimes crashes on me, but rarely when copying many files is finished. Thunar often crashes when I delete a folder with a lot of files (e.g. a backintime directory with several million files).

What bug exactly are you talking about (link)? How to reproduce the crash?

According to the source alexxcons is working on it since 2020, in the time before Thunar was orphaned for years (AFAIK). As far as I can tell, he is progressing with fixes. Before 2020 it was definitely worse, Thunar was gotten barely usable because the constant crashes.

I’ve looked into the source several years ago: The lack of documentation makes any new developer wastes his time trying to understand how the code works, so there is no time left for fixing it.

Unfortunately there’s no surrogate for Thunar. :worried:

I’m just asking if anyone else has been experiencing thunar crashing more frequently.

If you have to ask “what bug” and “how do you reproduce it” then clearly you aren’t affected.

You could install another file manager and test drive it for a while to see if it crashes as well. If it doesn’t crash, run it until they fix the Thunar bug.