Thunar crashes as smb client

I got to the point of getting data from windows laptop to my manjaro laptop.
As this is kind of the first thing I do on manjaro as my own user, it’s also the first time I use Thunar for anything.

It started out well. I entered the address smb://
It asked for login.
I started another windows showing /home/myuser/vm (at this point an empty dir)
Then I started to copy a folder of vm disk files. After 40.2GB, both thunar windows and the copy progress window froze. The only way to go was to kill the process.

Then I tried again. I started out typing the address. smb://

  • Thunar froze again, before I had the last letter in the address typed in. Again, kill was the only way out.

Googling this… Seems like I’m the only one to experience thunar crash since 2018.
Am I also the only one to use Thunar to copy this much data over smb?

Are there any other filemanager recommended for this type of use?

To make Thunar usable again, I had to reboot the pc… the shutdown process failed. It got stuck waiting for processes to close. After waiting for 7 minutes I long pressed the power button to kill the pc.

After reboot, the same thing happened again. Two windows, started copy from smb, same source, same files, same destination. Chose to skip all files that were already on destination - and the windows froze. Looking at the file were it froze, I realized why: The file contains a virus and Comodo anti virus running on the windows laptop blocked the file.

(Investigating what a viurs was doing used to be part of my job. I disabled anti virus, and could finish to copy my files.)

This raises quite a lot of questions.

  1. Why does Thunar freeze when file transfer from smb stops? Thunar did pop up with a time out dialog, but froze at the very same moment, so there was no way to respond with either cancel or retry. Other communication this the windows pc was still working.

  2. After killing and restarting Thunar, it freezes again about 10 seconds after start.

  3. Why is the pc unable to shutdown after killing Thunar?

This is leading me to think the main problem is not Thunar, but some component it depends on that does not handle a timeout properly. When killed Thunar, this component was still hung (or looping).

Second problem is that Thunar doesn’t handle when this component freezes (or loops).

And the third problem is that the system can’t deal with this component either, as it fails to shutdown.

In my process of getting data from my windows laptop using Thunar, the manjaro laptop has freezed three times, not counting those related to the above mentioned issue.
Two of the occasions where everything froze was when I pressed [super]+[e] - my hotkey to start a new thunar window. By one of those two occasions I just moved a folder of iso-files from my home partition to my vm-partition on the same nvme disk. (kali 2020.3 was the current file). Both partitions are encrypted with luks. (Not using full disk encryption.)

And if i used nemo file manager for example …