THUNAR cant remember samba share logins

This came after the latest big update.
If it helps the shares are two raspberry pi’s running libreelec (2 shares) and osmc (1 share)

In Thunar whenever I select an sftp or smb share from the shortcuts link on the left I am prompted for login details - selecting to save for ever does not work. The login box (for my libreelec pi) keeps popping back up 3 times or so before letting me in. This is not a new problem, every now and then it would randomly happen except it now happens every reboot.
Another weird thing, if I do the above on libreelec and gain access and then click my osmc share the osmc share connects. AND if I start with osmc it has the connection problem and libreelec does not.

Cant find where smb password settings are.

Hello @jaroMAN :wink:

Not sure, but I would expect that it is saved in gnome-keyring. With seahorse (which is a GUI for gnome-keyring) you should be able to see the passwords.

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thanks for that but seahorse isn’t helping. Cant create a new username password combo in it.
Clicking the “plus” I dont find any option user+password combo.
I deleted both osmc & libreelec entries and clicking their shortcuts in thunar It populates the osmc only.
Doing it for libreelec I get rejected 3 times then only allows anonymous.
The user/password combo is correct and I can ssh in to either fine.

BUT they are still not sticky at all in thunar.

Looks like I have to timeshift back before the last big update and try incrementally advancing through small groups of updates if I have the time or go to another distro.

I’m thinking it might be one of the gvfs thingies ?

There is a similar thread here. It seems that newest version of samba and/or smbclient have sometimes difficulties with gvfs for some reason