Throwback frontpage

Hello all,

Just want to say that I love the throwback frontpage. Congratulations on your 10th birthday and thank you to everybody who made all this possible. Hopefully on to the next decade :slight_smile:


Happy 10 years Manjaro :slight_smile:

Only used it for 1,5 years since i installed it at Arlanda Airport in February 2020 before i went to Brussels and FOSDEM 2020
and helped out for around 0,5 years with translations of Pamac and the Changelog/Releaselogs first and now i maintain the Manjaro awesome Community Edition

Happy birthday!
and here is too 10 more


I use Manjaro since version 0.8
Thank you to all the devs!

I really miss the old versions, when GTK libraries were not so bad like now, and the old versions of Pamac.
The old stuff better fitted my idea of simplicity, and it was more friendly, minimal and easier on resources usage

I hope that the future of Manjaro, and of the software in general, will be more like the past in this sense

P.s: I also like the old homepage the most :wink:


We have hit the ten! Wow! :fireworks:
(I’d post a full moving GIF, but that’s frowned upon, sadly. So I’ll behave)

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is there a link?
I saw that “CLI page” too once…a work of art :slight_smile:
Edit - found it…where are the days :slight_smile:

Many thanks for this wonderful decade

thanks for the 2 first iso available

  • ventoy : not possible :sob:
  • virtualbox: ok

I love the old-timey front page. Any chance it can stay? :slight_smile: