Thrid Party app source not found

I had shift from manjaro Gnome to Manjaro KDE,
I download and installed minimal KDE iso img.

After installation every thing is working fine, expet add and removed software Center I had enabled AUR, but I could not found Faltpak and snap in the thridparty list.?

Install libpamac-flatpak-plugin and libpamac-snap-plugin.


Thanks Alot,
It’s working fine,

Should of already been installed. I just did a freah install of Manjaro KDE yesterday for a friend cause after his last install he was missing various KDE items and settings, but on both installs he had both Flatpak and Snap under 3rd party in Pamac. Personally I’d be looking to see if I was missing anything else.

They are pre-installed in the “full image” but are not included in the “minimal image”.


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