Three Questions About Wayland Graphics Backend


I am running an older installation of Manjaro KDE.
I noticed that Wayland is available on the login screen.

Three quick questions:
(1) Is Wayland better than X11?
(2) Does Wayland work with the current nVidia proprietary driver?
(3) Is there a way to run older X11 software/games on Wayland?

Let me know, thanks!


Not all softwares, e.g Anydesk does not support Wayland. SMPlayer too, but it would be fixed later.

yakuake is opened only in the first monitor, but not the second monitor.

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You do know that this is not supported, right? Manjaro is a rolling-release distribution and must be kept up-to-date.

The answer to that is always going to be subjective. The Wayland developers certainly seem to believe that it is, but truth be told, Wayland is a work in progress and is still a long way from being as functional as X11, not to mention that it’s also still very buggy.

I believe there are problems with the proprietary Nvidia driver, but don’t take my word for it. Use the forum’s search engine and see for yourself.

Yes, you can run older X11 software inside an XWayland session, which is an X11 session that itself runs as a Wayland client. At present time, this is also the only way of getting network transparency in Wayland, because Wayland itself is not network-transparent like X11.

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