"This computer has only 0 bytes disk space remaining" warning (running in VirtualBox)

Anyone knows which application could have generated this pop-up message on Linux Manjaro? I uploaded screen shot


I asked about this, with full details and more screen shots at Unix stackexchange here

I just need to know the source app of this message if it looks familiar to anyone.

It seems to be harmless message as my Linux is still running with no problems and my script is running with no errors.

You could try to examine the running processes, to get a hint of what is waiting on a dialog input etc :thinking:

Which desktop?
If KDE then maybe one of the disk widgets or “Free Space Notifier” service ?

it is MATE Manjaro.

cat /etc/lsb-release

How do I find out if this “Free space Nootifier” process is running or not?

MATE System Monitor or Baobab