Thinkpad P1 Gen 3 Black Screen After Suspend

Hi All,
I have a Thinkpad P1 Gen 3. I am using the video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-prime graphics drivers and sometimes after waking the laptop from suspend, the screen will remain blank. I can get the display working by pressing Ctrl-Alt-F3, "loginctl list-sessions" and then "loginctl kill-session" to force the X-Session to restart, and everything works again.

I have had a look at the Arch wiki for the P1 and the similar X1 Extreme, but I can’t find anything. Does anyone have any ideas what might be wrong?

For anyone stumbling across this looking for an answer. It seems to be related to Wayland and the Nvidia Drivers. I solved it by switching my desktop sessions back to X11. So far after 1 week the system has not failed to resume from suspend. I’ll report back here if the problem returns.