Thinkpad Fan Configration

Hi there,
i have been using Manjaro on my ThinkPad E15 with a AMD Ryzen 7 4700U CPU.
For a while now, i have noticed that the standard Fan Controller was running my CPU pretty hot, with the
fans only kicking in beyond 70 Degrees Celcius.
I finally decided to tackle the Problem and downloaded thinkfan and after some trial and error, got it working.

My problem now is, that there seems to be only one temperature sensor running for my cpu (if i run cat /proc/acpi/ibm/thermal I always get an output like this:
temperatures: 48 0 0 0 0 0 0 0)
And the first number changes rapidly, even under the slightest loads. Even opening a new tab in firefox, sends it from 45-50 to 80-90 for 10-20 seconds just to fall back down afterwards.

This leads to the fans ramping up and down all the time, which can’t really be good for the fans and is really annoying.

Has anyone had similar problems and is there maybe some kind of workaround?

Thanks in advance for your help.

You can try adjusting it with this:

That’s exactly what i did in the first place. The problem is, that with the sensor data being all over the place 45 one minute, 86 the next, then 55 again this leads to incredibly inconsistent fan behavior. Which is really disturbing because the fan is ramping up and down all the time.

I was wondering whether for example it is possible for example to write a skript, that takes the sensor data, calculates a rolling average over a set timeframe and returns this to thinkfan.
And would such a thing be safe for the CPU?

Just found out thinkfan has a -b option that does exactly what i wanted, by calculation a bias to correct for fast-changing sensor data.

Could you please paste your thinkfan.conf file here?


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