Thinkpad and Fibocom modem: change IMEI?

I’m using a Thinkpad with built-in Fibocom L830-EB modem, but the telecom operator is able to tell that I’m not using a “mobile” device. I think they can tell by IMEI, right?

Does anyone tried to configure the modem, is there a way to change the IMEI?
Or can someone at least point in the right direction?

Tried different manuals for Huawei modems (at least to get the idea on how to proceed) and the article on ArchWiki (ThinkPad mobile Internet), but it got me nowhere so far.

lsusb output:

Bus 001 Device 009: ID 2cb7:0210 Fibocom L830-EB-00 LTE WWAN Modem

The IMEI number identifies your device and unless you wanna risk bricking the modem I suggest you don’t play with changing the IMEI.

Your issue seems more related to the type of service you are being provided by the mobile operator - it appears your provider only wanna provide the mobile broadband service to a cellphone/mobile phone.

Technically they can block certain devices from using certain services such as - in your case - mobile broadband and yes they are probably using the device IMEI number.