There's Unicode where there shouldn't be

When I view certain characters, I know what they’re supposed to be, but they show up as Unicode. This has only happened with Firefox so far, and I’m wondering what I need to do or install.

You should probably post a link to the webpage that you see this happen with, or show the contents of it up to the first <body> tag.
Most probably you or the author of that page has wrong mime settings configured for it.

Nowerdays all modern webpages are done in html5 which uses UTF as encoding automatically…

It was Youtube and Discord that I’ve went to where I’ve had the issue. It’s fine on Android, but not on here. Also, I can’t get links or embeds to show up in my posts, Forum won’t let me

Ok if it only happend with Firefox, you can seletc text encoding via the “View” menu, if the menubar is not visible press ALT.
Firefox should have automatically used UTF but things happen…

I can’t change Text Encoding, it’s grayed out.