There's a dark forum theme available now!


Be that as it may…
Tweaking is an understatement. Thanks for you hard work, dedication and short answers.


Yes I must say its working very well now good work


yeah, easier on the eyes, but isn’t green now a bit more irritating than it was on white?

:wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


works beautifully this end - terima kasih!


This is a brand new browsing experience, great work!


I think I am going to write some kind of filter to change this awful green (Deutch Polizei Green) to red.
Like there is blackarch I’m going to make red on black manjaro.


It is like mold growing on my monitor, or maybe I should leave it alone and call the customized distribution bluecheese linux.


It’s really nice for reading in the dark, thanks!