There's a dark forum theme available now!


Same for the Latest Button.


Well, now I’m getting problems on the regular theme. Dark gray font on dark gray background. I also double checked that it was indeed CSS changing the font color and not something else.

What’re you doing Jonathon! :joy:


How did that happen… :innocent:


Now more tweaked. :slight_smile:




love it, looks great :smiley:
only thing that kinda doesn’t fit is the announcement-box:


OK, that should be better now.

I’m starting to prefer the dark theme to the default… the theme framework has definitely improved since I created the original theme. I might well go back and recreate the light theme.


Nice theme!

Is it possible to make “new” (and the dot next to it) green like it is on the light theme?


Probably, though I quite like the white.

Which colour should I use for the “new” label and “number unread” bubble in the dark theme?

  • White (current in dark theme)
  • Green (current in light theme)

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my eye says thank you :eyes:


i think green would be better to have a clear visual clue - the white labels kind of blend in too much ^^


Cannot see inline URL links…


Yes I agree with past two posts. I’m struggling to see links also, especially if no accompanying number. :slight_smile: I think more visual clues are better, especially if subtle and reasonably uniform across forum (new label, links etc…)

I also much preferred the initial green ‘new or updated topics’. :stuck_out_tongue: …maybe just the white text from above or a lighter shade of green from original?


“Hidden” inline links I can definitely see as an issue. I’ll have a look in the (my) morning.

Inline links and the “new” and “number unread” are two different things.

I’m waiting on the poll; at the moment it’s about 50/50. If links are the same setting in the new framework then both will become green. If it’s different then I’ll leave the the “new” label etc. for a little while.


No, I know. I just think they should both (all) be visually distinguishable at a glance.


OK, the poll is showing a green preference so the theme is tweaked once more.

I think it’s pretty much there now but let me know if you spot anything I’ve missed (e.g. things that only appear when you’re logged out).


Cheers @jonathon links working well.


I misread the thread title and thought we were getting a DARK THEME forum. :grin:

On-topic, I think I still prefer the original theme.


It too is a choice in user > (gear) > interface.

@jonathon Nice work, Thanks for the poll. “like” the pink on RED like heart!:wink:


I can’t take credit for that - the new theme engine does a fair bit to generate suitable item colours based on your colour scheme. It did still need a fair bit of tweaking after that, though (buttons, links, menu, …).