There's a dark forum theme available now!


After what seems like years (because it has been years), Discourse finally added a theme option.

You can now select between the standard Manjaro forum theme and this rather darker alternative:

Have a look through your user preferences - it’s in there. :wink:

I’m still tweaking the theme - please provide any feedback (and report any issues) in #meta:site-feedback!


my eyes love it :heart_eyes:


Great, but what in the picture above seems like white text on green boxes (tags/labels of topics) on my view seem like white blocks of white text. Only by blocking it can I see what would be inside the block. Now that may be an incompatibility with my dark LXDE theme whithin the browser I use, I don’t know.

Do you dark users see green or white blocks below each topic title?


I can’t find it… Somebody hold my hand… It has been a long very hot day :smiley:

:Edit: Forget it - it just appeared.


You click top right on user icon, hit the gear for preference, bottom choice for interface, then the option as default Manjaro you switch to Manjaro dark.

Here is what I was talking about before:


The same issue here (chromium and firefox).


Same here with google chrome… Unreadable white boxes


Opera as well…


Vivaldi also.


i use @maxigaz 's dark theme works fine


Great theme and indeed good for my eyes.


Awesome, my eyes just loved. Nice work!!!




Love the dark theme! Only problem I can see are the unreadable tags which appear as white blocks (Vivaldi).


Thanks so much @jonathon :smiley: I think it still needs a little work regarding the boxes issue mentioned earlier and perhaps something to more clearly separate posts but it is really good to have this option, thanks again :slight_smile:


The tags are readable under Opera… Thanks


You get a tweak,

you get a tweak,

everybody gets a tweak!


Works 100% now on google chrome!


Thanks jonathon
Another great contribution.


Works great on Chromium.

Although this light green on green (2 new or updated topics …) looks kinda odd,

white would be better.