There is no "Power OFF" or "Sleep" button on the user lock screen/user switch screen. How to turn off or into sleep the computer?

How to turn off (or sleep/hibernate) the computer when I am on the user login screen (lock screen). There is no any buttons. I was trying to press "Switch user", but there is no any "turn off" button on that screen too.

For example, I do not want to continue entering password and just want to switch the system off or use return it to sleep/hibernate.

As I understand from the comments, this feature is missing :unamused:

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There is a button in KDE's SDDM (login) screen, that says shutdown.

The Lockscreen and Switch User screens do not have this.

The Lockscreen and Switch User screens do not have this.

This is strange. It would be useful to have at least "sleep/hibernate" buttons when the user changed his mind to continue using computer and do not want to continue entering password.

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My guess is that it depends on the themes used.
Breeze and Breath/Breath2 does not have it atleast.

I think this is your personal subjective view on this question, but to me that makes perfect sense to not have a unrelated actions available after choosing to switch user, if you wanted to hibernate the computer then you shouldn't select to switch user in the first place :stuck_out_tongue:

In your case I would just push the power button once and it would do a shutdown/sleep/custom action (if it is properly configured in System Settings -> Power Management -> Action on the power button or something like that).

Also, you do have all these options in the initial login screen (in Breath or Breeze themes, as seen in the System Settings -> Start and Stop (or something like that my system is not in English) -> Connection Screen SDDM), but it is not clear how/when you have access to this initial login screen, for example if you lock the screen, then click the switch user you have a lighter login screen without these options, but if you go to the start menu and click Switch User, then you can reach this initial login screen with these options. This is kinda weird, and actually would make more sense to not have these option in the initial login screen when you boot but in the other ones.

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The default installation using Calamares gives you the option of enabling this - otherwise you need to configure your system by hand.

I couldn't deduct from you OP if you have the prerequisites necessary to hibernate/sleep.

A swap file/partition and resume=UUID=xxx-yy-zzz in your /etc/default/grub.

If you have the necessary config in place you can use a simple terminal command to shut down the system.

systemctl hibernate

But you should know that the hibernate/sleep is originally a Windows feature and it does not work well with all combinations of hardware, kernel and filesystems.

How to run terminal when I am on a Lock screen?

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sleep suspends the system to RAM and doesn't require a swap so that option could be listed on SDDM but I'm in agreement with @omano. If you clicked to switch user displaying the sleep or sleep and hibernate options does not make any sense.

@LinuxBear are you using a laptop? If so closing the lid switch can 'sleep' the system.

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No, I am not.

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switch tty using CTRL+F3 for example.

I actually setup my Power button to Sleep awhile ago. It's been very handy.

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Typically for Plasma it's hard to find relevant options.

Go to (translated from my language so it may be named slightly different for you):

System Settings->Start->Desktop Session->General Tab with "Show shutdown options"

After enabling it, you will see additional options on start menu, or you will be able to add/favorite them from Power/Session section.

EDIT: Sorry, I didn't read carefully the first post. You mean on lock screen? By default, there is none. I'm not sure if there isn't a way to add this or maybe there are some plugins, but never needed them.

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