There is no / in /etc/fstab. How is this possible?

I wanted to move root partition to another drive. Usually, it was enough to change UUID of / in /etc/fstab and run mkinitcpio -P. However, just after copying the files, when I wanted to edit /etc/fstab I found that there is only one entry there - /boot/.

How is this possible? How does Manjaro boot?


I know that there are MNJRO_BOOT and MNJRO_ROOT labeled partitions, but where is the code responsible for mounting them?

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In a GNU/Linux system installed on a GUID-partitioned drive ─ which is the default and recommended partitioning format for UEFI systems ─ and systemd running as PID 1, systemd will inspect the partition table for certain flags that designate the EFI system partition, the root filesystem and the swap partition, and will automatically mount them accordingly unless overridden by an entry in /etc/fstab.


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Ok, thanks!
I also had to change /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf. Now everything works.

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