There is a problem with the inclusion of RTX and DLLS in Lutris

I 'm sorry , what exactly do I have to do to run ?

I know where the nvidia parameters are , but there 's almost nothing you can change

Ok, thats the first position I would look. But like I said before I have no experience with RTX hardware so I cant help you anymore. :neutral_face:

I didn 't understand where to enter it ?

I use Manjaro KDE , lenovo ideapad gaming 3 ach6 laptop ( RTX 3050 , Ry 5 5600h(with GPU) 8 gb, I can’t turn on RTX and DLLS, I play through lutris, game CONTROL (in the Epic games library), through Mangohub I checked which video card works, as RTX 3050 Mobil should work, I have already updated all drivers for it, and changed the values of the DXVK settings, on the advice of friends I changed other settings, it didn’t help ,

Explain what you did EXACTLY to have RTX and DLSS (not DLLS) to work, in your game Control on EPIC through Lutris.
Also follow information here to provide proper system information.

in epic games itself , I wrote to the command line ( -dx12 ) on the advice of one user , it didn 't help

I really don 't understand what to do anymore , I tried everything to such an extent that now I have to reinstall the game , I tried through the portproton , he also didn 't start the game so I could use RTX and DLSS

You created this topic as the duplicate in Manjaro forum.

You can ask Nvidia forum support Linux, because Nvida driver is closed source and Nvidia developers know themselves how to do.

Manjaro can not help you when using new technology Nvidia RTX and DLSS for Linux, sorry.

You probably need to add the WINE overrides in Lutris


And make sure the game runs on DX12 with launch option for the game -dx12

Also you need a WINE/Proton version which has the appropriate patches supporting DLSS and DXR/RTX.

Any reason you’re using the Lutris FSHack version of WINE? Search and use the latest WINE/Proton which support these features.

PS: you didn’t give any relevant system information as asked.

does it need to be written to the overriders DLL ?

so another distribution can ?

Asking if you need to put the WINE overrides in the WINE DLL OVERRIDES? Yes.

now the problem is that the game simply does not turn on , I deleted it last time because of the same problem , although it seems all the settings were normal, what I threw off is the fault settings, I can’t fit in there

Many distros use the same Steam, WINE and Lutris, but different versions.
If you try same Lutris in other distros, then it does would not work with RTX + DLSS.

It will take a long time until full DLSS support comes in Linux. DLSS is two years old young.

DLSS and DXR for this game works under Proton/Wine. Why do you keep repeating this does not work?

Did you try them? I mean he want to use Lutris.
I do not see that Raytracing + DLSS 2.0 support Linux in real world now.

Okay, thanks

hmm , I think I realized something , as soon as the control is reinstalled , I 'll check the guess ,I believe that it does not work due to the fact that in the nature of the game I cannot influence the rtx and dlss settings at all

Then you’re doing something wrong, because all reports on ProtonDB, internet forums, Valve’s GitHub, and other source of gaming discussion confirm they have DLSS and DXR working under Proton/WINE for this game.

I told you what to do now you have to do it properly. Use compatible WINE/VKD3D, add the WINE overrides, and game startup parameter. Your screenshot shows you did not do what I told you. Where are the WINE overrides in the game configuration in Lutris?

You realize that there’s pretty much 0 real world scenario where deleting and reinstalling a game does anything, verifying the game files from its launcher (be it Steam or EPIC) would be a possibility if the problem lies in the game files, but this is not the case here you don’t have corrupt game files, do you?. Deleting the WINE prefix and recreating it though, can make a difference if you messed up something in the prefix.

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