Theme is gone. I can't access QML file

Could you help?

My definitions of theme is gone. Please, look at attached picture.
Application style, windows decorations, fonts and font management work OK
but others are gone and I can’t access them, modify or recreate them.

It seems that the QML files are accessible somewhere because I see my plasma style and colors in right way but where are they?

@freggel.doe in other my post noticed that I have some -git packages installed in my system.

pacman -Qs '-git

this command showed the problem with packages: kconfig ki18n kirigami2 krecorder

I installed ki18n kconfig and kirigami2 using pamac. This action removed ki18n-git kconfig-git , kirigami2-git and krecorder-git.

I have access to all options of “Appearance” now.

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