Theme for the next gnome edition release

The theme

Currently we are using matcha-sea to match the other official editions. However, the shell theme is adwaita-maia, inherited from the gdm theme. I think that because we are a rolling release distro, we should stay closer to the upstream and use adwaita-maia. It looks more native and gnome apps are designed with adwaita in mind. There is even corresponding Firefox theme that makes Firefox feel like a native gnome app. Adwaita-maia is so simple that we can maintain it in house, and there is no fear of the theme breaking.


+ I can maintain it, no need to worry about theme being discontinued
+ Closer to upstream, minimally prone to breakage
+ More consistent look inside the desktop
+ No weird mixing of white and dark colors
+ Has light variant


+ Look matches the other editions
+ Theme is maintained by another team, so potentially less work for us

Which theme would you prefer?
Opinions and ideas are welcome.

  • Matcha-sea
  • Adwaita-maia
  • Something else, what?

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Just a question: have you tried to recolour Materia theme? It has an embedded script so all you need is to put Maia colours there.

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I vote for Adwaita-maia mainly for that reason

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I haven't tested it, but it should be easy to do and looks good. Afaik it is also well maintained. Materiav2 has maia color already built in. I'll give it a spin. Are you suggesting it as a third alternative?

Well, it's just been my own preference since I found out that it is possible to change colors in Materia theme so I even made a custom set of Breath-like theme parts, but the download count shows a near-to-zero interest to such modification :slight_smile:

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Materia is a very good option. Personally when dealing with Gnome something based off Adwaita offers the most stable experience, that being said Materia has never broken on me either.


And more importantly - nana-4 is very responsive on bug reports. It least those 2 that annoyed me for like a half of year were fixed in 1-2 weeks since reporting. Now Plasma users can enjoy resizing windows under Xorg, for example.

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I use Matcha sea Shell and Applications. I would like to see a feature where it will switch to light/dark based on Night light settings :slight_smile:

It is within the realm of possibilities

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For me Matcha-Sea is more modern.

Plus on a 1080p laptop the window titlebars are a few pixels narrower - which is great.

Adwaita just feels like the window titlebars are too thick and chunky. And the rounded corners are say "yesterday". Both MacOS and Win10 now moved onto square window edges.
For me Adwaita is a backward step.

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I just checked out materia-theme
Wow that is great - but for me Compact title bars to maximise screen real-estate - Please please please.
If we could have that in Sea that would be awesome. Compact-Sea Black-titlebar-light window and full dark theme as an option.

Materia looks ok on the picture not that good when using (when dark theme white text it too white)
I would focus more on the feel then on the look
Matcha-Sea is very good.

I have to agree with VoDo - I do love Matcha-Sea - It ain't broke so don't fix it.

Materia as already said would be a rock solid option, have found 1 or 2 bugs which in the end were a redesign nana was making for text entries, it's based on adwaita so i guess it would be extremely weird if it bugged somewhere.

Now, because i don't like making things easy, why not use the adapta-maia palette and apply it to materia?, both themes are similiar in design but way different in design objectives:

One trying to mimic material design's at it's best appearance in history which was Android 6.0.

And the other one trying to follow Google's "Material Design Guidelines" as much as possible.

So if everyone got upset about manjaro dropping adapta-maia, then why not make a replacement for it?, the easiest and fastest way would be to use adapta-maia's palette and apply it to materia, which i know won't look exactly the same but at least we'll get somewhat back adapta-maia right?

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I agree with @Potato Materia is very nice especially if we can get it in Manjaro Sea colours.

Personally I am very happy with the current theme. I don't like stock gnome Adwaita as it doesn't have compact title bars and only light or dark option. Vs Black title bars and white dialogues.

Compact title bars are SO important on laptops where every pixel counts - especially on 1080p screens. Adwaita is just so wasteful on title bar real-estate.

I'm thinking of replacing the app grid icon with manjaro icon. How do people feel about that?


I would stick with the app-grid icon since it is in the dash, and presents a universally understood option more in keeping with the Gnome Desktop minimalist approach. I think the only real branding for Mnajaro Gnome should be in the wallpaper, possibly an adaptation of the Background logo extension that ships with Fedora, and a Manjaro green theme for the shell and apps. This provides a Manjaro themed Gnome without using the conventions of a traditional desktop.

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I agree with @nadb
Manjaro icon doesn't make sense as an app launcher icon.
I am sure that is some UI guideline which would support that :slight_smile:

I don't agree.
I miss manjaro branding since I switched to gnome form KDE.
I'm not a long time Gnome user, so the app grid doesn't appeal to me that much and the manjaro logo would make as much sense as an app launcher, maybe even more.

what about making a svg saying "app launcher" and the manjaro logo plastered on it :wink:

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