Theme color issue?

Hello there
I uploaded manjaro. I want to change the theme color.
How can I do?
I did not do it with kvantum.

You need to edit the gtk file of the theme and change the color code.

You find the file to change at /usr/share/themes/[choose theme]/gtk3.0/gtk.css

Thanks for the answer.
I looked for gtk.css and couldn’t find it.
I’m using a gnome desktop

Which theme are you ttrying to alter?

GNOME 3 desktop.

You’re using Gnome 3 as DE, but the theme you want to alter have a name. If it’s the default you can check “Tweaks” app to see its name.

I changed the Theme in the Tweaks, Appearance, Themes, apps tab and got it done.
I say thank you very much.

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