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I read it… But the problem is I didnt pick this system a guy installed it with me (basically for me) in the promise of great performance enhancement for games mainly MC. And yes Im a begginer but I didnt know to not install manjaro. Whats a good Set and forget linux system? Mainly aimed at performance?

But I still want my files on manjaro… So I first would need to fix it and then think about installing a different system. I know a bit of programming and kinda techy (ofc not on this level). I am kinda mad at manjaro because it keeps breaking like this I think I have about three posts already here with similar length and problems.

[manjaro /]# pacdiff -o
[manjaro /]#

install the removed kpeoplevcard and jre package:
pacman -Syyu kpeoplevcard jre-openjdk --overwrite "*"

manjaro is good, just dont mess your updates up, thats all…

Only because you haven’t kept up regular maintenance; so, it’s your fault, don’t blame Manjaro. :wink:

There is none.

However, Debian is rock solid with maximum availability of software, compared to other distributions. It’s also a point release distribution, which means a new version is released usually after a defined period; perhaps a year, or two years. Manjaro is a rolling release which means every update is effectively a new version; and updates are frequent.

It wasnt an update I think it was optimizing or changing something and it got stuck so I had no choice

So Debian? I also heard that for java or microsoft games its better to use windows, because better performance.

Microsoft games can be run in WINE, but it probably won’t be the same experience. On a well maintained system, there are usually no performance issues with Java.

Debian has a KDE Plasma ISO. Download the ‘DVD’ ISO image, where possible. The package manager is apt which will require some learning, but otherwise you’ll enjoy a similar desktop experience.

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It’s a matter of priorities. If your priority is gaming then you should not be using GNU/Linux, because most games are developed specifically for Windows, and then on GNU/Linux they are either run via a translation layer such as proton — which will by definition reduce the performance — or the so-called native games are only recompiled versions of their Windows counterparts, without being truly optimized for GNU/Linux.

So games are better on windows? But minecraft can be ran on linux directly so is it just re compiled or not? Btw I think its finally working. :smile:

Windows games are better run on Windows, yes, and especially so if gaming is your priority.

It’s a recompiled game.

Then please mark the post that solved the problem as the solution.

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Solution is already marked for issue 3 of 50 since. OK, maybe that’s an exaggeration. :wink: It’s probably time for some closure.

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Agreed. :wink: