The XFCE open button has moved. It has ruined my productivity. Any way to revert back?

When opening a photo or document, the “open” button has moved to the upper right window corner.

This is driving me crazy. It used to be in the lower right.

Is there any way to change this back to the way it used to be previously?


This should help.


Thank you so much. Some applications maintained the open button where it always was, but others like Mousepad and Libre Office moved it to the upper right, so it’s not consistent out of the box, and I don’t understand how that doesn’t drive other people absolutely insane.

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Is this xfce 4.16 ?

Yup, it is xfce 4.16

settings editor-xsettings-DialogsUseHeader set to FALSE

Thxs so much, this new way was driving me nuts :slight_smile:

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