the world’s first autonomous operating system

official press release from Oracle, plus more info and blog post:

should we be worried?


I'm not sure... Which aspect(s) of it do you find worrisome? :thinking:

In one article they use: First Autonomous Operating System, then on another article Oracle Brings Autonomous Operation to Linux is used. To my broken english, those are simply sloppy descriptions of something that in free translation would be: Automatic Management System in Linux Servers.
"Autonomous" is a misnomer in that context. :slight_smile:
Spacewalk - the free version of Satellite from RedHat does AMS too ...

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this is the start war between cloud os server and os services
oracle can try to do as redhat ( centos ) and want some users % of them ,
but oracle is NOT free , i think cost will fast raise

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the fact that its new, online and unsupervised, letting machines making decisions, hmm - i`ve been told in the past that i worry to much

that text might be outsourced to a non-english speaker , someone did not proof read it before posting, as it happens in big corporations often.
did not know about Spacewalk / RedHat

this war also includes Ubuntu, some said that Oracle was one of the companies interested in buying it, but this new venture seems to disprove that, as it seems Oracle has other plans.

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Mmm. Autonomous OS. You don't say. Give it ransomware. To see if it can fix itself. It should be a good popcorn show to watch.

I am concerned this one day may lead to the end of access to installing user based operating systems. The pattern of "restricting access for security" could head that way. "Secureboot", intel processors having code that has ability to restrict content/access to run software, and all the rest of the deals that might be going on behind the scenes.

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