The word "br(i)ck" is censored?


The only workaround is to use the 200b Unicode character to break up the word
I don’t really see the reason to censor the word “■■■■■■”


maybe codename for symbol-■■■■■?


Briks are dangerous. Many fatalities have been attributed to briks falling from heights during construction. This measure has been implemented for your protection. Generally as a rule frail members of society need to be protected from these sort of things.

You can never be too careful these days.


■■■■■ awareness day!!

■■■■■-ing is hard work.

edited to be less fun offensive

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Maybe to avoid the sort of things like: Manjaro briçked my PC! There been a few toxic users that tried to stain the name of this great distro in the past this way.

And of course, a few thick as a briçk users that makes you wanna throw a briçk into their heads. JK.

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Just like last time this came up … I wouldnt be surprised if it was automatically or manually added to word blacklist just based on the sheer volume of newbies saying ‘manjaro ■■■■■■■ my device’ when in reality there havent been any such cases and said user actually deleted their EFI stub, or didnt install grub, or simply cant use their bluetooth mouse, etc.

…oh hah… like this I suppose

So yeah - the answer still seems to be ‘because people use that word without knowing what it means’

@WattanaGaming … to help clear this up for you - a ‘■■■■■■■’ device cannot ‘reboot’. It cannot be ‘fixed’. It cannot be wiped, or used for anything digital again. It is a paperweight, a ■■■■■. To use the term in your example is just incorrect and overly-dramatic.

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in the UK there’s also “thick as a br1ck-sh1thouse”. It stems from the time when people had outside toilets at the end of the garden

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Yes, because I got bricking sick of the word being used incorrectly.



Also, thanks for pointing out how to include the Unicode variant. :kissing_heart:


i guess the houses in scunthorpe must be made of wood then

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(Hard hats required.)

I thought it was a new form of computer dyslexia…


Now i’m waiting to see where the houses made of straw are.

I hope the cauldron is boiling, ready for the imminent huffing & puffing &…


that little piggy decided civil engineering and architecture were best left to the other 2, so they changed majors and got into interior design and is obssessed with wicker and rattan currently


I mean my PC cannot access any software without rebooting. But thanks for correcting me :wink:


I think instead of saying Manjaro brikked my computer, you should more correctly have stated 'I fscked my computer".

Fscking regularly is highly recommended.


…especially when my USB keep goofing up my data, thanks for the advice


No probs, anytime. :wink:


Oh God, that forums political-correctness this days…

You literally can’t ■■■■ with ■■■■■ s anymore! :laughing:

PS wow, bricks actually works :rofl:


For the lesser known definition of ■■■■■:

a good-hearted person


Everyone on this forum is a ■■■■■, well except for you know…hes not a ■■■■■ hes an a-hole.

Other interesting fact, the actual spelled out word for a-hole…not censored. I shortened it myself. Thus, ■■■■■ is a worse curse word than a-hole LOL


zero ■■■■■’s given. :smirk: